Friday course "The Big Friday"

Every Friday from 9.30 to 12.30

If you are busy for most of your weekdays but do not want to sacrifice your weekends, this course is ideal for you. Enrolment and payment is possible monthly and the courses are opened all year-round.


Book: New Czech Step by Step (Units 4-11)

Topics: Orientation, Locations; In restaurant; Famous people, nationalities and countries; Adverts, apartment and furniture; Leisure time, sports and hobbies; Human body; Travelling; Cooking

Grammar:  Model nouns of locative sg.; Accusative sg.; Past tense; Verb + direct object; Indefinite and negative pronouns; Negation; Future tense; Nominative and accusative pl.; Preposition + Genitive; Possessive and partitive genitive

Friday course "The Big Friday"

Elementary Students in group All weekend courses will continue in the following month Number of lessons (45 min) per course / Price (CZK) Status
5.5. - 26.5. 4-7 Fridays 9.30 - 12.30 16 / 2400 Available
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