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From Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.30 or from 13.00 to 16.00 / 40x45min

The quickest way to "plunge" into Czech in a very short time. The courses continue every two weeks. The price for one lesson is only 125 CZK. There is a 500 CZK discount if you continue onto any of our intensive courses.

  • On line placement test when you are not sure about your level
  • 8 different levels 
  • Maximum of 7 students per group
  • Airconditioned classrooms N.: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7
  • 5 min from the city center
  • Accommodation provided (if needed) by our partner agency Fiftyfive
  • Book copies for free
  • Special Pronunciation Sessions
  • Certificate after the course
  • Guided Prague Tours provided by our tutors
  • DVD rental for free
  • Wi-Fi for free
  • Internet point for free
  • Refreshment for free 
  • Great coffee machine
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Pre-intermediate II. B1.1

Books: Czech Step by Step 2 (Units 1-10)

Topics: Meeting each other; Family, In a restaurant; Where do we live?; Travelling, Orientation; Jobs, Job search; Celebrating birthdays, holidays and anniversaries; People and things; Shops and shopping; Holidays and traditions; Invitation and visiting; Women and men in today's society; Services; Sports and games; Holidays

Grammar: Nominative sg.; Declension kdo, co + nÄ›kdo, nÄ›co, nikdo, nic; Accusative sg.; Personal pronouns in accusative, Model nous of accusative pl.; Locative sg.; Personal pronouns in the locative; Model nouns of locative pl.; Genitive sg.; Personal pronouns in the genitive; Model nouns of genitive pl.; Instrumental sg.; Personal pronouns in instrumental; Model  nouns of genitive pl.; Dative sg.; Personal pronouns in dative, Model nouns of dative pl.; Nominative and accusative pl.; Time and date, Time conjunctions and expressions; The aspect; Time clauses with “když” and “až”; Prefixes; Verbs of motion

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