Czech is really difficult language, I hate their ř which is so hard for me to pronounce, but with a good training you can improve really quickly. I paid some courses in Czech Language Training and I cannot believe how quickly I got better! Of course I still have this "massacre pronunciation", but I must admit that it is great when my Czech friends appreciate that I try. 

- ChrissTTina

I attended the two week intensive course for beginners and it helped me to finally break through and build sentences in Czech. I've had bad experiences with group lessons in the past but I really enjoyed the course. My teacher Petra was wonderful. I plan to enroll in additional courses. I recommend this to anyone who has been hesitating to learn the language but has a desire to. Just go for it. You will leave the class speaking basic Czech.

- carlygug

I’ve had a lot of experience with Czech teachers in Prague. I was so pleased with the level of teaching I received at CLT on my first 2-week intensive course that I immediately signed up for another, and plan to continue at a less intensive level for the long term. It’s not possible for a school to predict the exact skill level that every student is at so, despite the online test, if you are unsure, look through the course book and consider which level you can handle. When it gets to certain points of crazy grammar there is no harm in covering it twice! A specific big-up to Krystina, who had students from eight different countries of varying abilities and made the lessons so fun and enjoyable. The admin staff are also super helpful.

- coco

The staff is friendly and great. I has classes with three teachers, and even though each has its own way of teaching, they all do it very well. They have a flexible scheme of modules, so it's also easy to study for some time, take a beak when you want, then continue from where you left off. I would definately recommend it.

- bernatel

Went here a couple of months. I think the school is average. Some of the reviews make it sound like this was the best school ever. Personally I will not go back there. Certain someone there is so pushy it makes me want to run the other way

- cleo13

I found CZLT via nearly 3 years ago, and have been studying there since then. After 1.5 years of regular classes I switched to individual lessons.

At first I was impressed by the professional logistics and great level of flexibility: you can enroll, change your group, schedule, or type of lessons on very short notice, and you pay no more than a month in advance.

Then I found CZLT´s efforts to make students happy amazing. Miroslav and all teachers keep asking for our feedback, preferences, and suggestions. I cannot be grateful enough to Miroslav for choosing the perfect teacher for my individual lessons based on a description of my studying habits I gave him. And my teacher does far beyond all expectations by putting together special homeworks and topics/exercises for me, constantly focusing on areas for improvement, and keeping me enthusiastic about the language.

I have worked with several teachers, all of them are dedicated professionals with different teaching styles. I have favourite ones, of course, and I also met with some of them whose teaching methods were just not ideal for me. Or sometimes I felt that the group did not progress at the same pace I wanted to. This is inevitable with so many students with different preferences and expectations. In such cases Miroslav was always ready to listen and found a solution immediately. I am sure you will also find your ideal class and teacher here.

- zsuzsa

I can only add to all the positive reviews that I have read from other students. I have been working with this school for over a year now, have been met by a highly professional and dedicated teacher who even manages to inspire me and catch my full attention in the early hours of the morning; my teacher is flexible enough to meet my demands of special topics and vocabulary as well as help me improve my listening skills (radio broadcasts). She understands my special field of interest (Business) more than any teacher every before and helps me improve my grammar as well as my overall skills. For me this is definitely not a school/class just for fun and for a quick fix of "pub czech" but I went there, seraching for a way of slowly improving my Czech and reaching a more advanced level where I can communicate like a professional.The lessons I am taking sure help - clearly the pace is set by me to a large extent - depening on how many of the extremley well prepared worksheets I am completing and how much extra time I can dedicate to studying. My teacher is patient and supportive and at the same time gently pushing me to do some work - just right. Oranizational wise I think the school is fine as well - flexible, responsive to my needs and very quick in responding - while at the same time veyr reasonably priced.

- OlgaT

I've been attending CLT school for more than a year and am completely satisfied with the result: 

in the beginning I was only able to say few basic phrases and now can talk about lots of topics. Each lesson

normally consists of different types of tasks and exercises, so you don't get bored and improve different 

skills at the same time. I would definitely recommend this school.

- elenag

Great academy, with very good, professional and dedicated teachers. Reasonable prices and excellent, personalized customer service. I spend more than one year there, taking both group and individual lessons and my Czech hasn't stop improving. If you want to learn this beautiful language just need to find the time, be patient and give a call to Miroslav.

- mikeq

I have had the chance to study at Czech Language Training for six months. Right away, I was impressed with Miroslav's quick and helpful response to my last minute request to enroll. I continued to be impressed with my teacher and the structure of the class. I would highly recommend this school.

- CzBuckeye19