When I moved here a year ago, I had no previous experience with learning any foreign language, but I sincerely wanted to learn Czech. I tried several schools, grew frustrated and almost gave up until I tried CLT. Even though I am not young and also a bit slow, I am achieving great results because of my teacher's fine teaching skills and patience. My lessons are geared to my own understanding and pace. As a bonus, I have learned much about Czech culture and lifestyle. I look forward to my lessons which are effective and enjoyable. I highly recommend CLT if you truly want to learn this difficult language.

- Booger

I would like to commend Czech Language Training for their professional instructions. I've never appreciated learning any languages before until I started training with CLT. What I've learned in the last few months is amazing. I can understand and speak Czech although I'm still not fluent on it but I've noticed a considerable change in understanding the language and embracing the culture. It helped me a lot in my job and dealing with locals. My czech colleagues noticed it too.

Thank you CLT for a job well done.

- franky

I took one month of the summer intensive course and it was great. Perfect program, nice classrooms and really profesional tutors. I hope to continue from September again!!!

- John W.

I have a great experience with this school. The teachers are really nice, friendly and very helpful. I wouldn´t consider myslef a natural language talent and I am quite shy, but they helped me to be more confident and I´d say I have a good progress. The price is also ok, so I´d happily recommend this place :)

- DanielleW

I've taken classes at Czech Language Training for the past 2 years and have really enjoyed it. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and encouraging and make learning this difficult language fun and interesting. I would recommend this school to anyone.

- kate.d

Great school with excellent teachers, flexible schedule, and small class size. Highly recommend it!

- ShyOfComfortable


I received an individual language course from this agency for 2 months. It was perfect from first day to last minute. The teacher (Petruse) was very capable in accomodating to my level of Czech, which was mainly based on my second mother tongue Croatian. 

This way I was already able to speak quite some Czech, but faced lots of problems in mixing up the grammar and words. 

Her approach was mainly based on communication, discussion and describing certain situations - without looking in any books and without learning the grammar-charts by rote I made huge progress from lesson to lesson! 

The atmosphere was always very positive and open and I never felt any pressure or shame. 

The organizational side was highly professional, Mr. Kasparek answered every email quickly, the bills were perfectly ok for my office to be taken into the accountancy and Petruse was always on time at the lessons. And: I received a special rate based on the amount of lessons I booked!

I do not have any reason to complain! Thank you very much!! 


- tschevap

The tuition at CLT has fully met my expectations and more.
It is flexible and given with considerations of the individual student.
Ludek has so far been my only teacher here. Both on one to one and in group lessons. His tuition is recommendable - clever, friendly and motivating and any question you might have will be treated with respect and curiosity.
My regards to Miroslav Kasparek too. He has shown great efforts and understanding to make the tuition timetable possible for me.
If you are really up for the task of learning the Czech language.
his is certainly the place to get on with it.
Morthen Nielsen 31.01.06

- nielsen

For the first time, I am enjoying learning Czech! Teachers are energetic and administration has always been prompt and professional.

- Reneez

Great school! The director, Miroslav, is friendly, helpful and efficient. My instructor, Petra, was enthusiastic, informative, patient and well prepared.

As a beginner, I learned a lot from my classes with Petra at Czech Language Training.

- timmpage