Alice Smělíková


I used to work as a tourist guide during my university studies.It was soon after the Velvet revolution when the iron curtain fell down. I was young and eager to show the Czech Republic and its rich culture to the tourists. However, to my surprise, I also discovered myself enriched by their culture and their way of thinking. Getting to know many interesting people from all over the world and almost not having to leave my hometown got me into teaching Czech for foreigners. I find it to be a very inspiring and creative work. I have always been fascinated by words and the power they have. Being a systematic person with a frolicsome inner child allows me to combine two principles - methodical and playful ones. I always try to mix both of them in my lessons. Seeing my students not just making their vocabulary larger, but also being in a good mood, makes me very happy. Encouraging my students to feel confident in developing their language skills during lessons and making sure that they stay motivated to learn Czech is a great challenge to me.