Lucie Fajmonová


Why should you be happy to have me as your lecturer of the Czech language? Because I was in your situation. I was in your shoes, how they say. I’m originally Czech and lived in the United States, Greece, and right now I’m living in Turkey. I very well know from my own experience how challenging it can be. To be a foreigner in a foreign country where not everyone understands you because not everyone speaks English that we chose as a world to be our main communication language. I’m following a motto: The best way to travel abroad is to live with the locals. And if you decide to learn a local language, you’ll unlock a whole new level to true cognition of the country. So as well as you committed to learning Czech, I committed to learning Turkish. I understand how frustrating learning can be at the beginning, especially when you see such sentences in textbooks, you know you’ll never use them in your life. I promise to teach you Czech for life and except language skills, I’ll also explain to you a cultural context. My goal is that our lessons together will become one of your absolutely favorite parts of your day and you would be looking forward to them. I’m willing to do the maximum for that. And if you cling to titles, I have a bachelor's degree in pedagogy. So see you at the lesson! :)