Our Benefits

Teaching exclusively Czech for foreigners

All classroom equipment, all teaching materials and the methods or specializations of our teachers - everything and everybody is focused only on teaching Czech for foreigners.

The highest number of courses in Prague

We offer more than 70 different courses of Czech for foreigners every month. 

Enrolment and payment one month in advance

Our students always enrol either only two weeks (Intensive courses) or one month (Standard courses) in advance. This means that every two weeks (Intensive courses) or monthly (Standard courses) you can decide whether you want to continue or not. After each course you can also change the timetable, the intensity, or the type of course.

Payment is made only two weeks (intensive courses) or one month (Standard courses) in advance, so no risk of paying for trimesters or semesters!

WI-FI connection

You can use the Wi-Fi Internet connection in all areas for free.

Maximum of 7 students per group

There are never more than seven students in any group.  We open our group courses when there are at least four registered students.

Discount of CZK 500 for the next enrolment

We offer our students a CZK 500 discount if they choose to continue with any Intensive course.

Info e-mails in case of absence

If a student cannot attend a lesson for any reason, the teacher sends him/her an “Info e-mail” describing the content of the lesson missed together with homework for the next lesson.

Gift vouchers

You can order the course of Czech for foreigners as a gift for your friends, colleagues or partners.

Payment option

The course fee can be paid in cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, V Pay, Maestro, Diners Club International) in the office during the opening hours, also by credit card online or by bank transfer.

You can also pay for the courses using the benefit programs Benefit Plus, Benefits, Benefits Café, Edenred, Sodexo and Cheque Dejeuner.

CLT Certificate

Students receive the CLT certificate after successfully completing the course.

Internet corner, a playroom and a study

Students can use our laptops with Internet connection in our study throughout the day.

Special workshops and lessons

We regularly organize thematic workshops related to Czech traditions (e.g. Christmas and Easter), customs (e.g. food, drink, Czech cuisine etc.) or culture (walks in Prague etc.).

40% discount on all textbooks

Our students can receive a 40% discount on all textbooks that we use in selected bookstores.

Czech lessons for foreigners since 2001

Since 2001, our language school has been offering top quality Czech courses for foreigners. During these years, we have gradually created a specific teaching system and special services to enable our students to achieve maximum progress in the shortest period possible. 

Free DVD rental

CLT offers the opportunity to borrow DVDs of classic Czech fiction films with Czech and English subtitles. This service is for free.

Classrooms equipped for modern language teaching

Each of our classrooms is equipped with big whiteboards, a laptop with Internet connection, Wi-Fi facilities, a projector, a screen or TV, a photocopier, a printer and a CD player.

Café / Snacks

In our cafeteria we offer all-day refreshments (mineral water, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.).

CLT Pub Quiz

Are you interested in Czech culture and language? Are you competitive?
Do you like chlebĂ­ÄŤky and other Czech specialities?
Come to our CLT Pub Quiz to enjoy an evening together, have fun and learn something new :-)