Enrolment in Czech for foreigners

At CLT, enrolment in our Czech for foreigners language courses is possible every month. CLT was in 2002 the first to start this approach, which has been successfully used ever since.

If you are a complete beginner, just let us know that you are interested in our courses ([email protected], +420 737 110 287, +420 222 713 270) and we will send you a complete offer of our beginners courses. If you have ever studied Czech, please complete our online test at http://www.czlt.cz/content/placement-test and we'll send you an offer related to your level. We offer standard, intensive, weekend and individual courses.

Whether online or in person, feel free to contact us anytime during the month, we are flexible and will find you a suitable course.
Standard courses of all levels are held twice a week for 90 minutes sessions, either on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday starting in the morning at 9.30am and 11 am, or in the evening at 5pm and 6.30pm.  You only pay a month in advance and at the end of each month you decide whether you want to continue your studies.
Intensive courses for all levels commence every two weeks. You can study from Monday to Friday, either in the morning from 9.30am to 12.30 pm or in the afternoon from 1pm to 4 pm. At the conclusion of the course you can choose to progress to a higher level intensive course or switch to either a standard, weekend or individual course.
Weekend courses always take place on Sundays from 10 am to 2.30 pm with levels delivered dependant on demand.  Saturday´s courses are designed to allow all those who are busy during week to study Czech.
Individual courses can be held at your place or in our classroom and are organized around your time schedule and your needs. These one to one courses are both intensive and effective with all the lessons tailored just for you. If you share with us your vision or objectives for the individual course, we will provide a suitable tutor to match your needs.
At the conclusion of any of our courses you will receive a certificate of course completion.

Teaching materials and teaching

For our teaching, we use the books of the acclaimed author Lída Holá. Students on the lower levels use New Czech Step by Step, level B1 students use a continuation of the book Czech Step by Step II. Further details are contained at: http://www.czlt.cz/content/levels-lesson-contents-text-books.
Further supporting material is provided by the use of Lída Holá’s other books - Czech Express 1 and Czech express 2, whilst also the adapted reading, Jan Neruda´s Lesser Town Tales, Prague legends and Old Czech and Moravian legends.
Our tutors also prepare unique materials for their teaching. Students can work with adapted authentic texts, listen to TV news and TV shows, watch Czech movies and learn through listening to Czech songs. We work with dialogic texts, almost all of a theatrical nature.
In our lessons we use modern communication methods, audio visual aids and the principles of drama. All our lessons take place in a relaxed and friendly environment. We emphasize the aim to teach you to communicate in Czech as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy our lessons. In relation to visual materials we use a dynamic combination of e.g.; cards, games, building blocks, "Activities" and "black stories." We also focus on teaching you the correct pronunciation. This unique project is focused on the systematic development of pronunciation skills. On the individual lessons, you will analyse pronunciation errors with our pronunciation expert, who can help you to rid yourselves of them. In these sessions you get the instructions and training but the practice will always be on you.

CLT events

Every year we organize our traditional Christmas party. It is an informal meeting of students with tutors focusing on the tasting of traditional Christmas food and beverages from around the world. During the evening students get acquainted with typical Czech Christmas traditions, they complete quizzes, guess objects associated with Christmas and reconstruct the Czech customs. The informal meeting quickly becomes a party which traditionally ends late into the night or early morning.
During the summer intensive courses we organize film screening parties, which allow students to spend time together outside the course. The films are associated with language as well as other informal activities - During the screenings we dub them, play them out then find the meaning of words to improve both understanding and listening. These film screening parties are adapted to be suitable for all levels.
Of course we are familiar with the fact that the best way to learn Czech is in the pub. Students organize spontaneous events where they go to pub together (and sometimes they also take our tutors,) sometimes even our classroom becomes a small pub. We happily support these activities and consider them a part of the course.

CLT facilities

You are welcome to spend your free time using the facilities within the CLT school. There is cafe allowing you to have a coffee or tea, a study room where you can check your emails and find important information on our laptop. Additionally, there is a Wi-Fi connection in the whole area of CLT, so you can bring your own laptop to work or study.
We also rent DVDs with Czech movies, which can help you to get to know the Czech culture and cult movies that every Bohemian knows. Watching these, might give you access to an easy topic for conversation and help you to get deeper under the skin of Czechs.
There is a computer with a projector or TV in each classroom, which enables us the use of innovative teaching materials set out above and if necessary it can function as an online translator.
Finally, after you have enjoyed the benefit of our courses, you can advise your Czech friends how to speak to strangers in Czech.