What you wanted to know about our intensive Czech language course (but were afraid to ask)

On our intensive course you spend two weeks (but you can continue for longer) within a small group of students who speak Czech to the same level as you. Every day of the course, you manage two 90 minutes lessons with a break between the lessons. The break allows you to fill up your energy tank, enjoy a cup of coffee or have a chat with somebody from the class.

Intensive courses are designed for those who want to strengthen their knowledge of the Czech language in a short period and extend it with new vocabulary, grammar and phrases that help them to communicate in various situations. You won´t only learn a lot in the intensive course, but you will also play a lot. In addition to texts, listening exercises, videos and dialogues, our tutors use variety of games and skits in order to teach you Czech in an efficient and fun way. You can´t really get bored!
You can also meet a lot of interesting people on our intensive courses. Our students come from all over the world. In the group of fellow students you may run into a French national, an American, a Russian, a Portuguese, an Australian, a Spaniard or a Taiwanese.
It is interesting to find out what different cultures have in common and how they differ. Often you feel as if you travel the world. You collect new information about distant lands while learning Czech.
Two weeks is long enough to ensure that the students get to know each other. People often find new friends on our intensive courses; they share the experience of staying in the Czech Republic or just go out for lunch together. There is always a friendly atmosphere during the lessons, from time to time a box of chocolate biscuits appears on the table. Last time it was an Australian student, Naomi who baked such cookies – thanks, Naomi!
But back to teaching Czech now which is the main objective of our intensive courses. Our tutors speak Czech almost exclusively during the class. Of course it is not because they don´t speak English – they just want to ensure your Czech studies are really intense.
Feedback collected indicates that our students are very satisfied with their progress in Czech after attending our courses. They often meet informally to continue their studies after the course termination.
We believe that you will enjoy our Czech courses as much as we enjoy delivering them.