The Czech Language Training is the right school for those who wish to learn Czech in a good enviroment. I'm not only talking about grammar rules and specialised English speaking teachers, but mainly about the psycological approach developed by all the staff working there. Dynamic classes full of fun and entertainment, because teaching can't be resumed in grammar explanations only. It's above all self-confidence provided for the students at a more than a resonable price. I was going to take 10 classes at Berlitz for 1.000 US dollars, but I was advised by a friend of mine to call the Czech Language Training and speak with them. So do yourself a favor, call them and start enjoying your stay in Prague among friends and high experienced teachers.

- Katrurka

I was recommended CLT by a colleague, and was definitely not disappointed. There were 4 students in the class and the pace was well set by our teacher. The classes were interesting, full of new vocab and, most importantly for me, the atmosphere was good. 

Our teacher supplemented the book well with good activities (including some Czech cartoons). As a TEFL teacher, I am a very critical student, but I was more than satisfied with the course.

I intend to pick up the course again on my return to the Czech Republic.

- soffitta1

I agree wholeheartedly with all the other positive comments about Czech Language Training. They have provided me with an excellent introduction to the Czech language. I am making steady progress and I intend continuing with them.

Miroslav Kašpárek runs a friendly, effective and professional operation and he is a very patient teacher. He understands his students and knows how to get the best from them. He was recommended to me by Lída Holá, the author of the New Czech Step by Step course, and you can´t get a much better recommendation than that.

CLT´s courses are good value for money as well as being effective and in addition to providing proficient and enjoyable teaching, they offer their students the opportunity to learn about Czech culture. They run regular film nights, showing Czech classics (with English sub-titles) in collaboration with a group of film enthusiasts. In this way, not only will you learn the language, you will get to know something about Czech culture and to acquire an understanding of what it means to be Czech.

- Meridian

Dobry den readers!

with great pleasure i leave you my advice on learning czech: find Czech Language Training center! working in Praha n wanting to learn the national language in quality, i was lucky to find and enrole in CLT center n found all the knowledge and support i needed. The teachers are extremely supportive and professional, leading you into an active assimilation/production of the czech language, in real time. Look no further, they will even make u believe learning czech is the easiest thing! it is, with them. Na zdravĂ­!

- Luisita

I enjoyed my 3 months with an ambitious teacher - Marie - and a small group of students. If you take your time for doing the homework and studying the vocabulary you will make great progress in little time. I recommend Czech Language Training!


- Cornelia

I had a one to one language course for 34 hours with CLT and went from zero to basic Czech in a wonderful way. Very friendly, very flexible and highly recommended.

- gnome63

Excellent value for money. I couldnt have asked for more from the high standard of teaching I recieved form Maria at CLT, extremely friendly and a thorough teacher I would definitley reccomend this be the first place to look at when wanting to begin the daunting task of learning the czech language.

Scott Crossland

Student of Czech For Beginners 4 week course

- ScottyDog

Hi guys,

Czech Language Training is definitively a great school for all foreigners that want to learn such a difficult language as Czech.

I am an engineer in the manufacturing field and I daily work with Czech colleagues ( technicians and opertors ) that cannot speak English at all !

I even have technical meetings , conference calls and trainings in Czech.

When I got the job, I thought I would turn crazy because I had so much difficulty in making myself understood and in understing people. Even with my Cezch girlfriend help, I was not able to make tremendous progress ! 

In 6 months time , I managed to get a complete confidence and great skills thanks to the Czech Language Training school best practices and thanks to a hard personnal work.

The methodologies are very efficient! I have been searching for a good language school in Prague for ages and this school is the best due to the quality courses and the courses cost.


- pat007

CLT recently organised an intensive week-long course for me and I can fully recommend this organisation to anybody who wishes to take a short tailor-made one-to-one course in Czech, including at advanced level. Proper thought went into preparing the material and classes and the teaching methods used were very professional. CLT also has good classroom facilities. The course was good value for money and was precisely what was advertised with no hidden add-ons. I should add that I organised the course from outside the Czech Republic through internet, which worked very well ( students do a placement test which is properly assessed).

- Ralphmi

First of all, I would like to thank Czech Language Training because, finally, I can order in Czech something else than just “Pivo”!!!

This is just to say that I have been studying Czech for one year and few months and I still have the same enthusiasm as the first day! I think CLT has the right program structure and its teachers the right competences to take you through this difficult journey in a “foreigners-not friendly” language like Czech! But believe me, thanks to CLT Studio and the patience of its teachers you will discover that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!!!JUST TRY IT!!! 

Thank you CLT, you are the best!!!!

- predas