CLT is a great resource in Prague for learning Czech. The classes are small and the teacher I had was very good. We progressed at a pace that was challenging yet manageable. After we learned some basics, the small size of the class allowed us to practice quite a bit of conversation. All in all, CLT is a very good value.

- Lorna

I rarely write reviews but I am very satisfied with the courses in CLT that I decided to make an exception :) If you work in Praha and you want to know the language, this is really good place to go. The classes are very structured & well-prepared, the teachers are engaging and patient, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, yet still pretty strict. The themes are interesting and the whole approach far from boring. I give the school 10/10, I am really making great progress.

- Pepperina

For me it was a really great pleasure to study the Czech language at CLT, especially because I had with Ludek such a creative, always well-prepared teacher. His method to teach or to hold a lesson suited me very much: from reading and listening texts, playing games, writing essays as well as of course studying the grammer...Also I want to thank Ludek for his patience and his way, which made me go to school with pleasure! Thank you very much and all the best for you CLT!

- Kaleno

I can only recommend to visit this school for studying Czech. All teachers I have experienced there are very motivated and good. Of course they all have "their own way" how to teach, but you have the feeling that the tutors is interested in your improvements in Czech language. I have worked with Verkonika, Petra and Ludek, and all were very good. For 6 month I booked a course at Jazyková Škola Města Prahy and I was disappointed, it just was not the same. We finished classes sometimes 10 min. early and went purely according to the book. The much more flexible way of how Czech is taught in CLT (you just do not speakt a proper Czech by going through a book - you might still not speak a work even though knowing it theoretically) is from my point more appropiate to study this diffcult language. I even accept a little more unconvenience regarding location (not really on my work-home route in Prague). So, 10 points for CLT.

- FabianM

Myself and two colleagues from the UK had 4 months of individual (one-on-one) lessons with Petra and would highly recommend her as a teacher and CLT as a company. Miroslav was flexible from the outset regarding the logistics of our lessons in order to meet our needs and was extremely helpful for the duration of the 4 months. And Petra, rather than sticking to text books etc which none of us wanted, adapted each of our lessons to suit our individual needs and preferences which was great and meant we learnt a lot more really practical and conversational Czech which we could really use in our short time in Prague. She was great fun too which really helped make the lessons speed by!

- heather.thomas

I just finished the two week intensive and I had a very different experience to the previous reviewer. True - there is no air con, but aside from that I found the course great and a real boost to my Czech. I felt I was in a safe pair of hands with my teacher. I, too, had photocopied handouts and no course outline, but she introduced the course on the first day, told us what we'd be learning, then kept to that program, so that I felt I knew where we were going and that I'd achieved something in the end.

- rachaeltravelling

Czech Language a friendly, convenient way to ease oneself through the rigours of learning the Czech language.

The flexible class plan allows you to choose on a monthly basis whether to continue or take a break. Tutors are friendly, patient and structure classes in such a way that learning is practical and fun.

- Seamus M

The standard of teaching is excellent; our teacher Marie was always well prepared and the classes were packed with information - often too much to absorb at the time (ie: you will need to do homework and buy the latest edition of the two "New czech step by step" books by Lida Hola). The cost is very fair and much less than some less scrupulous competitors (as at November 2006). Overall an excellent school with a great atmosphere and great people. If you want to start to learn czech, this is the place to do it! Moc Dobry!

- jamis1000