I took a lot from this course. It was well structured and intensive without being stressful. Petra is a great teacher who really made the learning experience fun.

- emsw

It's not just hype - this is a great school. I did a weekend course and an intensive 2 week course - both were excellent. Really well planned and executed and the teachers are very enthusiastic and approachable. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.

- C.C.M.

I would recommend CLT for any foreigner: great teachers, comfortable location and overall nice atmosphere! I feel that my czech has significantly improved: I understand much more, feel more confident with grammar and fought my fear to speak. So way to go!

- Nailya

I attended 4 weeks of intensive course (3 hours/day) at CLT, and I was 100% satisfied. The teacher (Petra) was a real professional, we always had a fun time while improving really fast. 

The school itself has a friendly atmosphere, and I especially appreciated the DVD rental facility :)

I can only recommend them to anyone who wants to learn Czech fast and well.

- dzsofi

I am nearing the end of a 2 week intensive beginners course. Before I joined the Czech Language Training school I was quite nervous. I have no great ability with languages, and am past 30 now. I knew no Czech, but it is very important to me to learn and eventually become fluent, as my fiancee is Czech. 

I was impressed with the organisation of the school, and its facilities were fine, but more than anything else I count myself very lucky to have had Marcela as my teacher. She has been excellent, and has pushed me hard in an intensively paced course. I would never have made anywhere near the progress without such good teaching. I am a teacher by profession and recognise her patience and yet firm persistence to help all students progress. The atmosphere has been congenial, and I have looked forward to each session. Unfortunately We are not the living in the CR, or else I would be continuing with further courses.

- The_alsta

I'm attending the intensive beginners course and is really great, with a lot of activities, mind games and quizzes which turn lectures to real fun.

- tassoszante

I am trying to learn Czech and was recommended this school. Must admit it is really good school with an individual approach. Czech is a very difficult language but the teacher is very patient with my progress. My Czech is definitely much better now and I feel more and more comfortable using it in everyday speech (although English is sooo much easier :). Great school!

- marthablack75(e)

I took different intensive courses and can recommend the school for the people with different language levels. All teachers I met had a great teaching experience and deep language knowledge. 

Price and quality are also good. 

Please don’t worry to involve teachers or management to cover and resolve you issues, problems or needs. The teachers can really help you and really practice an individual approach to students, but you should inform them about your needs. 

I also would like to recommend this school in case you need to get introduction to Czech culture and traditions.

And one thing to beginners. It’s better to understand basic English but if you don’t – it’s not a prob.

Keep in mind the school has a pronunciation course. Good point right after the elementary course.


I've studied in CLT for about 7 months and I have a great experience there! The teachers I had, Petra and Irena, are amazing, they have a good methodology and are very friendly and willing to help you and answer to all the questions. The lessons are dynamic and I was never bored. And I really learned a lot, now I'm able to communicate with people, while when I started I never had a clue about what they were saying in the streets...

The school premises are very clean and comfortable, they often organize fun events. The advantage of free DVD renting is also a bonus!

It's also the right place to make friends if you just arrived in town!

Thank you, CLT, for everything, I'm definetely coming back when I'll be available again!


- stephania

I´ve been attending their classes for some time and I can't appreciate enough the flexibility of CZLT. The fact that I can enroll for a month course only, is a great help. Also the teachers are very friendly and always well-prepared.

- Robina Mole